The Body Alchemy of Relational NeuroScience: Treating Trauma and Abuse (BARN)

Prerequisite: SomatoEmotional Release 1 (SER1)

The Body Alchemy of Relational NeuroScience: Treating Trauma and Abuse (BARN)

Developed by Rebecca Ridge, Ph.D., TEP, Body Alchemy is a transformational process of healing and recovery from trauma, abuse and post traumatic stress (PTSD) experiences. In this 3 day intensive workshop CS Therapists will learn specific skills to manage these intense states of body deregulation caused by a loss of trust and safety due to  abuse, trauma and PTSD. Students will learn how to develop their therapeutic presence with a client, how to restore the body of trust and apply specific skills to assist a client’s nervous system to regulate and repair from their history. The body alchemy process integrates CranioSacral Therapy with appropriate somatic therapies and the expressive arts. Students will learn to strengthen their own therapeutic and ethical boundaries and develop communication skills to explore a client’s past so that they can more fluidly guide a client through the body releases of past hurt, pain and fear.

Utilizing the current theories of trauma they will also learn how to gently release the freeze/shock from the body and brain, while structurally and compassionately rebuilding resilience and trust. Using metaphor and storytelling that accesses deep body communication, students will discover ways to guide a client through the change making process so that they can find their own creative resources and reframe their traumatic experience to one of hopeful resilience integrating body, mind and spirit.

Class highlights

Introduction - 50 minutes

Course Highlights

  • Deepen the therapeutic relationship and rebuild the body of trust.
  • Strengthen clear ethical boundaries when working with emotional content.
  • Learn to distinguish different emotional energy fields through touch.
  • How to communicate through story with the body-mind.
  • Clear their own emotional history in order to be more present for their clients/patients.
  • Develop and integrate advanced CST specific skills for working with persons with a history of trauma, childhood abuse and shame.
  • Learn and understand the state of the art theories on PTSD from leading experts such as Peter Levine, Steven Porges and Bessel van der Kolk.
  • Learn relationship between attachment theories and limbic system applicable to CST therapists.

What our alumni had to say

"I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Rebecca. I already feel like a more empowered and skilled practitioner because of the class. In addition to the techniques we learned I really am taking away what I absorbed from simply being in Rebecca's presence throughout the whole class...her language, her tone, her ability to expand within limits the dialoguing process and the client's language. To me, this is the true essence of a great teacher. You leave with the vibration and essence of them, simply from their example. This course, in addition to allowing me to enter deep parts of myself and heal those areas, has deepened my ability to really engage with a client (without forcing) and to follow the flow of an SER-type session much more naturally so that I feel like I'm riding the wave (as opposed to being chased by it)!" September, 2021

"Powerful! Been waiting for this course."


"Created a wonderful, comfortable, trustful, relaxing, healing & learning environment."

"Top of my list."

"Just truly amazing."

"I would attend any course offering by Rebecca Ridge. She is a precious mentor."

"Should be mandatory for all therapists."

"I sincerely hope this becomes a series of courses."

"Over the edge - top of the list - my favorite class so far."

"This experience far exceeds other workshops with content and valuable tools and skills for use with self and clients."

"Should be mandatory for all therapists to have trauma informed tools when doing bodywork."

"Please take this class for your clients. I am a calmer, more compassionate therapist because of these three days."

"I am so grateful for the information you shared with us, for your care and attention to group dynamics, creating a safe and caring environment for our work together. I feel that I gained much more than just new techniques, but gained also another way and a new space to honor the wounded part of myself at a whole new level, surrounded by love and support. It has certainly translated immediately into my work with my clients. I have gained more agility in my verbal exchanges and have enjoyed reaching my clients in a whole new way."

Connie Perretta, June 2015