The Spirit of the 5 Elements (ZBTS)

Prerequisite: ZB2

Zero Balancing: The Spirit of the 5 Elements (ZBTS) is a two-day advanced ZB program that guides the ZBer into “the neighborhood of spirit.” Working with focused attention, authentic rapport, and an expanded knowledge base in the underpinnings of ZB in Five Element Theory, we can more consciously access the spirit level of a person. The ZBer develops increased awareness of the Five Element energy anatomy underlying the skeletal anatomy commonly addressed in the ZB protocol, revealing more of the true wisdom of the protocol and the essential signature of the spirit. Core fulcrums take on new significance and new fulcrums open the client to insight, inspiration, and higher perspective.

You Will Learn:

  • About the meaning of spirit within linguistic, cultural, scientific, philosophical, and metaphorical context
  • Five Element theory of the Spirit of the Elements, and how it can expand the possibilities in your ZB sessions
  • To more consciously touch the structure and energy of bone by understanding the internal anatomy and physiology of bone and the superconductive nature of collagenous bone tissue
  • New fulcrums in the dorsal hinge, pelvis, feet, ribcage, chest, shoulder, neck and head
  • To deepen rapport by bringing your own body-felt sense of spirit to the table
  • To focus attention while allowing therapeutic action to arise from the authentic need of the client
  • To clarify intention of touch in individual fulcrums and whole sessions