VM4 05.22-25.25 TOR

VM4: Visceral Manipulation: The Thorax
VM4 May 22-25, 2025 Toronto, Ontario, Canada



In this course, you'll enjoy an expanded look at the functional biomechanics of the thoracic cavity. You will also explore the relationship between the hard frame and soft frame with its countless articulations for respiration, circulatory requirements and upper body movement patterns.

Advance Preparation:
The required reading for this course:
1. Study Related Anatomy:
2. Jean-Pierre Barral's textbook, The Thorax, available at

For additional preparation and delving deeper into the anatomy, watch:
1. Online Video Anatomy Series - OLV-ASVMT available at
2. Reviewing course videos of pre-requisite courses is very valuable for students - it helps ensure you are ready to move to the next level of learning. Reviewing videos on-line of class content is available to IAHP Medallion Members. If you are not already a member, contact us at 800.311.9204 or 561.622.4334, or join on line at

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