Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System (VNANS)

Prerequisite: VM2 and NM1

Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System (VNANS)

Equilibration of the autonomic nervous system is necessary for the long-term treatment of visceral dysfunction and many other symptoms. Explore and develop a new insight into the autonomic nervous system in accordance with the polyvagal theory.

Course Highlights

  • Focus on the command and the regulation of the organs, as well as the 5 cranial nerves that belong to the social engagement system.
  • Gain a new understanding of the action of the cranial nerves, and a different and more precise semiology, as well as new techniques.
  • Understand the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and its involvement in a very large number of symptoms and conditions encountered in clinical practice.
  • Master a clear, relevant, and precise way to identify ANS imbalances and dysfunctions.
  • Learn powerful evaluation and manual therapy tools to assist your client in reviving and balancing the functions of the autonomic nervous system and general homeostasis, which are under the control of the new branch of the vagus nerve.
  • Learn the Energy Vibration Technique to stimulate the slow and fast receptors inside the skin to reset the ANS.
  • Discover a new way to set up a treatment according to a hierarchy and a sequence that respects the unavoidable modes of operation of the autonomic nervous system and to be better able to assist people through manual therapy with chronic and psychosomatic diseases.

At the end of the seminar, you will have gained a wider understanding of health and its hindrances in order to help yourself and your patients find a healthier balance within your nervous system, as well as find a means for increasing energy and vitality.

Class Details


"I just finished assisting the VNANS course for Eric Marlien, PT, DO. During this course, the students will experience a good mixture of theory and practice regarding the autonomic nervous system and the Polyvagal Theory.  The practice gives you diagnostic tools to feel and understand the different states of the ANS and to experience new treatment techniques to help balance this system.  During Eric's development of this course, he discovered specific points in the body (at the skin level) that relate to plexuses and cutaneous nerves.  These skin points, in each case, matched a master acupuncture point. To be precise on these points, Eric teaches a brand new technique called the Energy Vibration Technique. This amazing technique for adults, children and babies, will stimulate the slow and fast receptors inside the skin to help reset the ANS."

Mark Bloemberg PT, BI-D, Barral Teacher

"Eric’s VNANS course and EVT method has proven invaluable, especially in chronic cases involving multiple organs, vascular insufficiency, and connective tissue tightness. Thanks to Eric’s VNANS course, I developed an enhanced perception of the “tone” of the ANS. As an acupuncturist of 19 years, I found my Chinese Medicine tool-belt helpful with acute trauma and illness, however Jean-Pierre Barral’s methods got me more specific and helped me find and treat the core problem, the general listening. Eric’s VNANS course showed me the value of treating the ANS first, before addressing the target tissue. The results were phenomenal. Eric’s EVT method has opened my eyes and hands to the importance of recognizing and addressing the ANS with the help of Asian Medicine meridian systems. Now I utilize Jean Pierre’s methods with greater ease and acceptance into the tissues."

Joanna Donnelly  L.Ac., Portland, Oregon

"This class was amazing. One of the best classes I've taken at BI. Clear and in-depth and Eric is a natural-born teacher."

Michele Massel PT, Lic Ac, ST, IMT, YBR I, GXS I