Verbal Fulcrums (ZBVF)

Prerequisite: Three ZB classes or permission from instructor
Verbal Fulcrums (ZBVF):

Using Zero Balancing principles, this class looks at how we can use words in all aspects of Zero Balancing to deepen the effects of our ZB sessions. Learning how to feel comfortable and successful using verbal fulcrums within a session is of great value for the Zero Balancer. Experience has shown that certain held areas, and certain clients, need verbal processing to more fully heal.

The class will include theoretical presentations of dynamic models for better understanding the transformational processes that take place in Zero Balancing. It will also include experiential exercises designed to help us practice working in all areas of ZB where we use words – from getting rapport with the client initially; to the framing process; to using verbal fulcrums in a ZB session in a way that allows clients to stay in the right brains; and using words after sessions – both in evaluating the work; helping the client become more aware of the learning that occurred; creating “homework” for clients that energetically matches their need; to the final goodbye.

In this class a premium will be placed on individual personal growth, which allows advanced ZB work to be more successful - exploring how "who we are" supports and Influences the Zero Balancing work we do.

You Will Learn:

  • Learn when (and when not) to use verbal processing in Zero Balancing sessions
  • Learn how to use words safely, respectfully, and effectively in many different situations in Zero Balancing
  • Learn how to create deeper rapport and deeper frames with clients, which allows more change in ZB sessions
  • Learn a “Short Processing Protocol” to use for verbal processing with appropriate clients
  • Through individualized feedback from working on the instructor, participants will enjoy the chance to deepen their own transformational process as a practitioner