Visceral Manipulation: Visceral Manipulation Dissection (VMD)

Prerequisite: VM1 or VMIA

Visceral Manipulation Dissection (VMD)

Explore human anatomy with a visceral manipulation focus.

Course Highlights:

  • Develop increased anatomical knowledge through hands-on palpation, exploration and discovery of specific structures, the systems they function within and the structural integrity of the entire body.
  • Observe dissection of the abdomen and pelvis, and dissection into the thorax.
  • Observe dissection of the cranium with a Visceral Manipulation focus.
  • Discover the detailed functional anatomy of abdomen, pelvis, thorax and cranium.
  • Learn topographical discernment of organs in relationship to the musculoskeletal system.
  • Break-out sessions with specific organs (liver, kidney, spleen, heart, lungs).
  • Study the disposition of the various organs/structures to discern pathological conditions.
  • Explore the dynamics of motion and suspension in relation to organs, membranes and ligaments.


"I just wanted to once again express my thanks for including me in such a paradigm-shifting, thought-provoking, practice changing experience this weekend. I have had an amazing day in the clinic playing with many, many things I learned. As you said from the start Ben, it was compressed and every bit was highly relevant to clinical practice. Such a gift from such a great trio."

D. Lee, RPT

"I want to thank you three for an amazing course. It sure has changed my practice and perception. It was a great privilege."

M. Finch, Dip Mass, KMI

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