Visceral Manipulation: Visceral Vascular Manipulation: Upper Body (VVMU)

Prerequisite: VM4

Visceral Vascular Manipulation: Upper Body (VVMU)

This course explores evaluation and treatment techniques for the vascular system of the upper body.

Course Highlights

  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the vascular system, particularly how arteries dilate or diminish in diameter depending on the function of the body.
  • Understand how compression along vascular structures creates restriction patterns and pain.
  • Learn to locate and release restrictions along the vascular structures.
  • Explore manipulation of the soft tissues of the heart, as well as the aorta, subclavian artery and brachial artery.
  • Enhance your understanding of how increased blood circulation to an organ improves its function, and learn how to improve circulation to the organs, directly and/or indirectly.
  • Learn treatment of the vaso-pressive system and the brain.
  • Discover the research done with Doppler ultrasound to determine the best mobilizations of the arteries to improve local and general blood circulation.
  • Learn practical integration of vascular treatment into the therapeutic session.


"The detail, in-depth anatomical knowledge, and finesse of this approach has helped me successfully treat a significant number of patients in my practice. Giving tools to unlocking chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel, while also expanding my repertoire to treat vascular and neural dysfunction. The Barral curriculum pushes your knowledge and hands to an in-depth and highly specific level."

S. Pakkiri, Osteopath