Zero Balancing: Introduction/Overview to Zero Balancing

Prerequisite: none
Zero Balancing: Introduction/Overview to Zero Balancing (ZBO):

The One-Day Intro to Zero Balancing is designed to provide an introduction to the principles of touch used in Zero Balancing, to the concepts of body structure and body energy, and to a set of hands-on Zero Balancing techniques. This course will include lecture, demonstration, hands-on and experiential components.

This is a class that enables practitioners to “try out” Zero Balancing. It is also a class for parents or lay people to learn the principles of Zero Balancing and simple fulcrums designed to relieve stress in their friends, partners or children.

You Will Learn:

  • Theory and principles of ZB
  • To distinguish body energy and body structure through touch
  • How to give a series of short fulcrums to address stress and tension in the body