Zero Balancing: Touching the Whole Person 1 (ZBTW1)

Prerequisite: ZB2
Zero Balancing: Touching the Whole Person 1 (ZBTW1):

Touching the Whole Person helps you to identify the archetypal signature of the five elemental emotions, and to provide fulcrums to help balance these emotions. You will learn to feel more deeply into the held energy in the bone and the energetic field; to go beyond merely identifying an imbalance in a joint or bone to learning to identify the quality of the energy held in the imbalance – including the client’s emotions, self-image, concerns, etc. The course will include work on framing, processing, and listening to both the words of the client and their body’s message.

You Will Learn:

  • To open your evaluation skills with more depth and precision
  • About placing fulcrums into different realms -- emotions, wellness, core self, basic energetic imbalance
  • To identify your own blocks while progressing as a Zero Balancer