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CSLRAP: CranioSacral Therapy for Longevity: Reversal of the Aging Process
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CranioSacral Therapy and Longevity; Reversal of the Aging Process is designed to train advanced practitioners of CST in the evaluation, treatment and support of the entire range of the mid to late age adult population, from 60-100+ years of age. Using the basic techniques of CST and advanced dialogue and imaging, students will gain an appreciation of how the craniosacral rhythm and other system indicators inform us about chronological and biological age-and how to use this information to maintain and support a high quality of life over an extended period of time. At the same time, students will gain a deeper understanding of Dr. Upledger’s pioneering work in inflammatory processes and mechanisms of immune system dysfunction, so that they may treat a greater range of clients who display the pathologies we describe as the diseases of aging.

Advance Preparation:
On days 1-4, the class is designed for participants to work in pairs or teams with the volunteers attending the class. The volunteers are provided solely by you and your classmates, and often receive immeasurable benefits from attending. We have found that our seniors appreciate the attention and benefit paid to them. Unfortunately, if participants are unable to provide a sufficient number of volunteers, the educational quality of the seminar will be impacted. Do not assume others are able to bring or invite a volunteer - please complete and return the Demonstration Application form, available at

This application also contains Frequently Asked Questions about what is expected of the volunteers/demonstrations.

The course developer Michael Morgan recommends that you read his book "Prevent Alzheimer's in Just 10 Minutes a Day" to help prepare for the course. Available at

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