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A Gentler Path

D. Scott Sonnenburg
206 Pages

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A Gentler Path: Pain, Love and the
Power of Surrender

Pain. Suffering. Intolerance. War. For many, life on Earth has been defined by such grim phenomena—and in America and around the world, things seem only to be getting worse.

For over twenty years, author D. Scott Sonnenburg puzzled over the bleak state of the world. Suffering from chronic pain and depression, he struggled to see the justifications for humanity, the reasons for our existence—and, more specifically, his own. It was only when he was suddenly and unexpectedly confronted by Love—by whatever it is we call God—that he discovered the secret to personal, spiritual, and societal healing.

In A Gentler Path, Sonnenburg leads the reader through those dark and difficult years toward his recovery and the light at the end of the tunnel. Part autobiography, part philosophical treatise, A Gentler Path examines the many ways we can reframe and come to terms with the challenges of modern life and is a warming tonic for the hopeful and the hopeless alike.

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