Clinical Acupressure 3: The Extraordinary Vessels (CA3):

We have long known that the lineage of Soul Lightening Acupressure is rooted in the Extraordinary Vessels (EV's). This workshop takes  a deeper look at what this means as we attune to the origins and functions of the EV's, as well as their implications for whole-being health. With hands-on practice we will explore how the EV's simultaneously link us with the ancient mystics as well as the cutting edge methods of our time. All of this through the unique lens of our own Soul wisdom.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Define the lineage of Soul Lightening Acupressure back to the ancient mystics
  • Discover the evolutionary blueprint of the Soul that is embedded in the EV’s
  • Define the embryological development and 3 dimensional locations of the EV's
  • Explore how working with the EV’s bridges the medical/alchemical world
  • Review the relationship of the Soul Lightening 36 points to the EV's
  • Define the functional attributes of each EV in relationship to the whole being----body, mind, emotions, soul
  • Practice our Soul Lightening Acupressure protocols within the context of the EV’s