CranioSacral Applications for Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing 2 (CCPB2)

Prerequisite: CranioSacral Applications for Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing 1 (CCPB1)

CranioSacral Applications for Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing (CCPB2)

By building on the CCPB1 knowledge of how to incorporate CST into the birth process in this powerful workshop, you'll not only help very deserving moms, you'll give babies the best possible opportunity to begin their lives free of restriction and prepare them to grow into well-adjusted children and adults.

Using original notes from Dr. John E. Upledger, the class explores current research that supports a lot of his early theories. You will spend time looking at boundaries, blending neutral and the power of intention. You will explore ancestral blueprints and how they affect us, including holding cells of family members for years. Using Cell Talk you will see how to change the story in your cells by changing the cellular memory that didn't work for you, and strengthen the positive memories that you may not be aware of, or may not be paying attention to. You will track the development and movement of hormones, and how stress and inherited conditions can affect them.

The Ecology of the Womb and how Primal Health sets up our health and immune patterns for life will be discussed. You will look at the development of the nervous system and how glitches in the system can create problems in the development of your sensory systems, and the domino effect of how it affects your physical body. You will learn to trace your nerves back to their development and how we might see this show up in children.

You will learn new techniques for enhancing the Mother/Child communication and its lifelong patterns. You will explore the development of the embryo, the CST system, the cranial bones and the brain, and new techniques to create change utilizing information from A Brain is Born and moving it forward by adding techniques.

CCPPB2 Course Highlights

  • Describe development of the craniosacral system, the cranial bones, the senses, the chakras, and the brain in utero and in the first nine months
  • Demonstrate using CranioSacral Therapy to balance after a cesarean birth
  • Learn about the microbiome of the baby and how birth interventions can interrupt the development of the immune system, which can create life long health issues that can be passed on to future generations; learn how CST can prevent this
  • Explain resetting the system via the umbilicus
  • A more in depth look at the powerful placenta


"This is life changing."

"I feel more confident to listen to the Inner Physician at deeper levels."

"Completely changed the way I work with babies."

"The interplay between personal understanding and professional application on a deep level was powerful."