Healing From the Core: Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications 2 (HFAE2)

Prerequisite: Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications 1 (HFAE1). Due to the advanced nature of this work, pre-approval through the Healing from the Core office is required for all participants. An individual session with Suzanne, either by phone or in person, is required prior to class.  Contact Suzanne directly at or 703.620.4509 for pre-approval and to set up your session. The fee for this session is subject to change, and payable directly to her office.
Healing from the Core: Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications 2 (HFAE2:):

How can you bring the depth of your full body presence to every treatment session, to every moment of your life? AEDA II will explore this and more in a rich experiential atmosphere with lots of hands-on opportunities for you to master your energy presence.

In this workshop we break down the exact skills needed to bring your full body presence to each treatment session you give regardless of your therapeutic specialty or profession.

  • Learn how to start every session with a clean neutral slate, without an agenda.
  • Discover how to hold a steady, clear, open-hearted space that honors healthy boundaries.
  • Practice relaxing, and finding comfort in the silence of a sacred moment, with no tension to speak.
  • Learn to recognize the words that do need to be spoken.
  • Practice using open-ended language that allows your client to own their process.

  • Recognize the sensory cues "pings" (kinesthetic, sensation, auditory, visual, smell) from our navigational system, registering something that needs attention.
  • Learn the presence needed to treat children and animals in a way that makes them feel safe and welcoming of your touch.
  • Practice working with someone at a distance, expanding the time-space continuum for healing.
  • Explore the structure that allows for an in depth exploration of the wisdom and language of dreams.

This training includes a great deal of hands-on practice. Master your skills of full body presence for whatever comes up on your table or in your life. This workshop is designed to support therapists interested in more fully integrating Healing From the Core into their work and lives.

"As a therapist or practitioner we desire to have our skills and individual gifts shine through effortlessly. Integrating Full Body Presence allows our clients to walk away saying, "Now, THAT was a great session." They may not know why, but in that session they accomplished more, felt heard and supported deeply, perhaps for the first time."

Suzanne in a recent interview about AEDA II