UMAC1-VR Virtual Review May 6, 2023

UMAC1-VR: Unwinding Meridians 1 Virtual Review: Applying Acupuncture Principles to CST
UMAC1-VR Virtual Review May 6, 2023



This class will be a live review of all 4 days of UMAC1 over a total of 6 hours. There will be extensive lecture as well as some time for live Q&A.

Topics covered may include
Introduction to UMAC1
Recognizing the Significance Detector and the Inner Physician
Where to focus your awareness
Getting a yes/no from the Inner Physician or Cranial Wisdom
Sensing the cranial rhythm of an acupuncture point
Unwinding the point
Sensing the cranial rhythm of a meridian
Entry and exit points of the meridians uses and locations
Unwinding the meridians
Pulling in the energies of the Earth, Heavens and the Primordial Qi at the Ever expanding edge of the Universe
Transforming Emotions with the Inner Physician and the cranial rhythm
Utilizing the menus when things are not moving
Inner Physician and pain/inflammation
4 Command points; uses and locations
Conception and Governing Vessels; uses and locations
8 influential points; uses and locations
Chakras, Unwinding the Chakras

YOU WILL BE PROVIDED THE ON-LINE ACCESS INFORMATION 5-6 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COURSE. Please respect the integrity of the work and the program, and the privacy of participants and presenter/s. No still or video screen captures are permitted during this program.

Advance Preparation:
Reviewing course videos of prior courses is very valuable for students - it helps ensure you are ready to move to the next level of learning. Reviewing videos on-line of class content is available to IAHP Medallion Members. If you are not already a member, contact us at 800.311.9204 or 561.622.4334, or join on line at

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