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The Body Alchemy of Psychodrama

Rebecca Ridge PhD, CST-D
308 Pages

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The Body Alchemy of Psychodrama

Body Alchemy describes the psychobiological and spiritual integration between psychodrama and somatic therapies, opening the door to the mystery and wonder within the body’s universe where the hidden world of the soul comes to expression and form. This textbook expands upon the intrinsic practices of psychodrama as an embodied form of psychotherapy and includes an extensive historical background of the theories of somatic psychology incorporated into psychodramatic theory and practice. Body Alchemy provides an in-depth review of the development of the current research in neuroscience and provides new information about the biological and physiological basis for psychodramatic theories that were not available during Moreno’s time. Included are specific practices, adapted by the author, of somatic therapies integrated with various expressive arts techniques for psychodramatists, group therapists and complementary medicine practitioners.

The process of body alchemy teaches therapists how to create a conversation with a person’s body wisdom and mindfulness in order to enhance one’s relationships with self and others. The ethics of touch are explained for the group therapist, psychodramatist and psychotherapist so that they may safely apply compassionate and therapeutic touch for the purposes of healing and support for their clients and patients.

A history of Chinese and Eastern medicine and how to use these subtle energy exercises in body exploration along with the applications of body mindfulness to psychodrama practices are woven into each chapter. It is this level of intimacy and listening toward a cellular, internal body awareness that is taught throughout Body Alchemy. Enriching one’s relationship with one’s body becomes the hidden gold of transformation for all relationships.

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