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Visceral Manipulation II (Revised Edition)

Jean-Pierre Barral DO
216 Pages

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Visceral Manipulation II
87 new color illustrations & photographs

Required Advanced Reading for VM2

In this book, Jean-Pierre Barral further develops the concepts, techniques, and approaches first described in his pioneering work Visceral Manipulation. While that text focused on the fundamental anatomical and physiological background of this approach to treatment, along with the basic manipulative techniques, Visceral Manipulation II is centered around clinical signs, diagnostic methods, emotional connections, and more advanced techniques.

>The first chapter introduces the concept of lesional chains and reflexogenic zones that are crucial to the utilization of visceral approaches in the context of osteopathy. There is an in-depth discussion of such unique diagnostic methods as general and local listening, proper uses of the Adson-Wright and other orthopedic tests, the relationship between the emotions and the organs, techniques for restoring proper visceral viscoelasticity, and strategies for treatment, including some special problems associated with manipulation in children.

>Other chapters discuss such structures as the peritoneum, spleen, and pancreas that were not covered in Visceral Manipulation. There are also discussions of the gastroesophageal junction, stomach and duodenum, liver, gallbladder and bile ducts, jejunoileum and colon, and kidneys. Each of these chapters complements and expands upon those in the first book by providing fresh and more detailed perspectives on important aspects of using visceral manipulation in the clinic.

In this revised edition, all of the illustrations have been updated, photographs have been added, and the text revised to more closely follow Jean-Pierre Barral’s present approach to visceral manipulation. New techniques are introduced, and background information provided on such topics as the relationship of the different organs to the emotions.

Visceral Manipulation II is an important book for all practitioners who wish to advance their skills in visceral manipulation.


  • Lesional Chains
  • Reflexogenic Zones
  • Global and Local Listening
  • Inhibition Points
  • Recoil and General Induction
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Skeletal Restrictions
  • Autonomic Plexuses
  • Manipulation of Children
  • Peritoneum
  • Spleen
  • Pancreas
  • New Perspective on the Organ Systems
  • Index 


"It is such a relief to finally find works on alternative approaches to medicine written by and for scientifically-oriented minds. The language is beautiful, clear and to the point."


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